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The most common form of arthritis. Occurs when the cartilage that covers your bone deteriorates and wears down

Plantar Fasciitis

When Plantar Fascia becomes inflamed, it is known as plantar fasciitis and causes heel pain.


We treat a variety of skin conditions.


Also known as inflammation of a tendon and primarily caused by overuse. 

Dupuytren’s Contracture

This condition affects the connective tissue in the palms of the hand that connect to the fingers. 

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Why choose us?


Our Knoxville clinic Heelex Medical Center specializes in the treatment of benign diseases such as TMJ disorders, Osteoarthritis, Plantar Fasciitis help, Tendonitis, skin cancer, keloids, and more. We utilize low-energy x-ray therapy treatments to help you get relief.  We are patient-focused. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for you.


Our in-depth knowledge combined with our clinical and technical expertise makes us the perfect member of your healthcare team. 

Accepted Insurance

Our Knoxville medical centre and clinic accepts insurance from many insurance providers. If you are not covered by any of these plans please Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

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