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Doctor and Patient | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic

If you're considering low-dose x-ray therapy for osteoarthritis, we offer a seamless process to guide you through your treatment journey. Patients can either be referred by their physician or reach out to us directly to initiate the consultation process. Following an initial meeting with our doctor, the next step is a simulation day, where we plan and tailor your treatment plan based on your areas of pain.

During the simulation, we utilize x-ray technology in our office to capture detailed images. These images serve as the foundation for creating a personalized treatment plan based on your unique condition. The x-rays are only used to plan your treatment. You will not receive a read report on the x-rays we take in our office.  Our skilled medical physicist meticulously designs the plan, ensuring precision and effectiveness. Once finalized, we coordinate with you to begin your treatment sessions.

Low dose x-ray therapy involves the application of low-energy x-rays directly to the affected area, stimulating the body's natural healing processes. The therapy focuses on reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration, offering a potential breakthrough for those seeking more effective and lasting relief.

Our radiation therapists are certified in both radiologic technology and radiation therapy. They are highly skilled to deliver your treatment precisely to the area causing pain.

Expect the entire treatment process to be conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing you to maintain your regular routine. The duration of your treatment course will be determined by the specifics of your plan. Each treatment session lasts approximately 5 minutes, during which you will comfortably lie on a padded table. Your only task is to remain still and breathe normally. The process is completely painless!

Throughout your treatment sessions, our dedicated team will be present, ensuring your comfort and safety. While they cannot be in the treatment room with you for every treatment, every day, they do monitor you via video and audio connections–allowing continuous monitoring during the entire duration of your treatment.

On the days you come in for treatments, you can anticipate spending around 15 minutes in our clinic. After each session, you are free to resume your daily activities without any restrictions. Our only ask is that you generally take it easy with your extra curricular activities. Our goal is to provide a treatment experience that seamlessly integrates with your daily routines.

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