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What To Expect

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Doctor and Patient | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic

Potential patients can be referred by a physician or you can contact us directly to schedule your consultation. After meeting with our doctor, you will be scheduled for what we call a simulation day. During this simulation, we take x-rays in our office. From those x-rays we take measurements to create a treatment plan customized to you and your condition. Our medical physicist designs this plan and then we schedule you to begin your treatment sessions. 


Low-energy x-ray therapy is conducted using a low energy electromagnetic machine that pulses waves to the problem area. The unit is precisely placed by electromagnetic therapists and adjusted to match your treatment plan.


You will receive low-energy x-ray therapy on an outpatient basis. The length of your course of treatment will depend on the specific plan.  During a treatment session, you'll sit or lie down on a padded table. Expect each session to last approximately 5 minutes. Your only task will be to lie still and breathe normally. It really is that easy! Your team stays nearby in the treatment room with video and audio connections so that they can see and hear you the duration of your treatment. The process is completely painless; you will not see or feel those electromagnetic waves. 


You can expect to spend around 15 minutes in our clinic on days you come in for treatments. After a daily treatment, you are free to go about your day. These sessions are designed to not interfere or inhibit with your daily routines.

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