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Skin Treatments

We treat a variety of skin conditions at our Knoxville, TN Clinic including keloids, warts, cancer, and psoriasis. To learn more about our skin conditions please read below.

Skin Cancer Treatment

We treat early forms of skin cancer at our Knoxville clinic, including squamous, basal cell, and Bowen's disease. Electromagnetic therapy is a painless, non-invasive alternative to surgery that also preserves the skin's cosmetic appearance.

Keloid Treatment

Knoxville Keloid treatment. Keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue. They can appear after surgery, a burn, cut, or even piercings. Electromagnetic teletherapy decreases the recurrence of keloids.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can appear as red, itchy, scaly patches. With the use of electromagnetic waves, we can reduce the appearance and symptoms associated with psoriasis. 

Skin cancer treatment | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic

Wart Treatment

A wart is a small, noncancerous growth that can appear anywhere on the skin. When warts appear on the bottom of the foot they are commonly referred to as plantar warts. Our superficial electromagnetic teletherapy can stop the growth and spread of warts. These treatment sessions are completely painless, so there is no need for a painful cauterization procedure. 

Wart treatment | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic
Wart removal knoxville | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic


Healed wart on finger by Heelex clinic knoxville


This patient has struggled with a wart on the finger for over 4 years. After multiple failed injections and creams, patient came to Heelex for treatment. The photos were taken about a month apart. 

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