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At our Knoxville, TN medical clinic we believe in showcasing some of our patient success stories. We've helped countless patients relieve their ailments with our treatment options. If you'd like to hear firsthand from some of our patients and how we've helped them please watch our videos below.

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“I am very pleased with my treatment at Heelex. My pain has stopped in my ankle and heel area. This has improved my daily life in a substantial way. The entire staff at Heelex was a joy to work with. They are very professional and efficient. I certainly recommend them to anyone seeking this type of treatment.” 

-Jame Phillips

“My daily life has improved 100% since my treatment at Heelex Care. My chronic pain and sleep deprivation is gone. I can sleep at night now. I can walk and sit without pain. The treatment is painless and quick. The staff are friendly and helpful. This treatment has kept me from having surgery. I recommend Heelex to everyone. This has been a God sent for me. Sincerely, Thank you Heelex care and all your staff.”

-Ralph “Monroe” Snyder II 

"After 25 YEARS of pain in my foot from the inflammation of pustular psoriasis I have had 7 months of clear skin and pain relief with only 1 episode of reoccurrence. After trying every treatment imaginable from creams, steroids, light treatments, and biologics I'm so thankful to have found Heelex!"


-Kaye McDaniel

"I am so glad I discovered Heelex to get treatment for my plantar fasciitis! After months of physical therapy and steroid shots, I was still having pain in my foot that interfered with normal daily functioning. Eight brief treatment session at Heelex - and it's gone! Thank you to the staff for taking care of me! Everyone was always a delight to work with! Will not hesitate to use it again!"  

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"I would recommend your office & treatment to anyone who has arthritis pain. The arthritis pain & swelling that I had on the top of both feet was so bad that I had to wear shoes a size larger and/or not lace up my sneakers. After having your treatments my pain & swelling was gone and I can wear normal shoes again & lace up my sneakers. I have told everyone I know about your office. The only drawback is that I live in Tellico Plain as does most everyone I know. It was worth it to me to drive to Knoxville every day for 2 weeks for treatment but not everyone here is able to do that drive every day. I am so grateful for y’all! 

"I am a small animal veterinarian that performs surgery 2-3 days/week. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist has become exponentially more painful and debilitating in the past 6 months and has made my life work very difficult! Heelex and their amazing team have performed 5 treatments on my wrist.  It is taken about 6 weeks, but I can now do surgery and function through the entire day, including weight training, with no further numbness or pain!  The best part is that this eliminates the need for surgery and saves my career!  I am so thankful to Dr Robbie Hakeem and Dr Todd Scarborough and their professional team


- Highly Recommend!"  - Holly Kennedy

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and update these graphs as patient satisfaction surveys are reported We’d love to get your feedback! Your review not only helps us, but it helps those interested in Heelex to understand. Our patients’ voices truly matter and we look forward to hearing from you!