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Patient Spotlight

Hear from some of our patients

At our Knoxville, TN medical clinic we believe in showcasing some of our patient success stories. We've helped countless patients relieve their ailments with our treatment options. If you'd like to hear firsthand from some of our patients and how we've helped them please watch our videos below.

If you are ready to book with us please contact us today.

Patient Spotlight

Patient Spotlight
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Heelex-Testimonial March 2024_proof (1)

Heelex-Testimonial March 2024_proof (1)

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Bowling Testimonial

Bowling Testimonial

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Foot Osteoarthritis Treatment Success

Foot Osteoarthritis Treatment Success

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“I am very pleased with my treatment at Heelex. My pain has stopped in my ankle and heel area. This has improved my daily life in a substantial way. The entire staff at Heelex was a joy to work with. They are very professional and efficient. I certainly recommend them to anyone seeking this type of treatment.” 

-Jame Phillips

“My daily life has improved 100% since my treatment at Heelex Care. My chronic pain and sleep deprivation is gone. I can sleep at night now. I can walk and sit without pain. The treatment is painless and quick. The staff are friendly and helpful. This treatment has kept me from having surgery. I recommend Heelex to everyone. This has been a God sent for me. Sincerely, Thank you Heelex care and all your staff.”

-Ralph “Monroe” Snyder II 

"After 25 YEARS of pain in my foot from the inflammation of pustular psoriasis I have had 7 months of clear skin and pain relief with only 1 episode of reoccurrence. After trying every treatment imaginable from creams, steroids, light treatments, and biologics I'm so thankful to have found Heelex!"


-Kaye McDaniel

"I am so glad I discovered Heelex to get treatment for my plantar fasciitis! After months of physical therapy and steroid shots, I was still having pain in my foot that interfered with normal daily functioning. Eight brief treatment session at Heelex - and it's gone! Thank you to the staff for taking care of me! Everyone was always a delight to work with! Will not hesitate to use it again!"  

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"I would recommend your office & treatment to anyone who has arthritis pain. The arthritis pain & swelling that I had on the top of both feet was so bad that I had to wear shoes a size larger and/or not lace up my sneakers. After having your treatments my pain & swelling was gone and I can wear normal shoes again & lace up my sneakers. I have told everyone I know about your office. The only drawback is that I live in Tellico Plain as does most everyone I know. It was worth it to me to drive to Knoxville every day for 2 weeks for treatment but not everyone here is able to do that drive every day. I am so grateful for y’all! 

"I am a small animal veterinarian that performs surgery 2-3 days/week. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist has become exponentially more painful and debilitating in the past 6 months and has made my life work very difficult! Heelex and their amazing team have performed 5 treatments on my wrist.  It is taken about 6 weeks, but I can now do surgery and function through the entire day, including weight training, with no further numbness or pain!  The best part is that this eliminates the need for surgery and saves my career!  I am so thankful to Dr Robbie Hakeem and Dr Todd Scarborough and their professional team


- Highly Recommend!"  - Holly Kennedy

“I had dealt with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot for over a year. Before going to Heelex, I received a couple of shots & had completed physical therapy, but only one received minor relief. I was skeptical at first, but after I completing all my treatments at Heelex, I’m pain free. I’ve recommended Heelex to all my family & friends that have complained of pain in their knees and/or feet. The staff was great to work with & I would go to Heelex again, but I hope that doesn’t happen. That’s a good thing because that means the Heelex treatments worked!!”


“Walking inside a building, not knowing what is expected, greeted by friendly faces at the front desk and invite you to have a seat, stating your tech will be out to get you soon,  while sitting there and looking around in a very clean building with an aroma scent going, the television showing the different procedures and what they are capable of helping people with, water or coffee at your convenience, free of charge, a magazine or two for reading, but of course, most people are looking at their cell phones, then only minutes later your tech appears with a chart and introduces his or her self and walks you back to an area.  If you’re lucky like I was, the doctor comes out and introduces himself with a handshake and has a brief discussion with you then your techs take over. You are prepped for the machine being used, while having conversations with each tech, laughing and talking, (I would say to help calm you down) while making you comfortable.  They state, "we are going to leave out but will be watching you and making sure everything is ok, do you have any questions?"  You have your phone or book if you prefer to use and read and next thing you know, five minutes is over.  Your techs come back into the room, help you if needed and say, "ok Ms. Johnson, we’ll see you tomorrow, have a great rest of the day!” 

ALL OF THIS WITHIN 15 MINUTES!  So if you happen to have a driver, tell him or her not to leave, you won’t be long. This is why I call them my Minutes People! Thank you Heelex!”


“My tennis elbow resolved completely with Heelex”


“It took a little while to heal, but my foot pain is almost completely gone thanks to my Heelex treatments! I would definitely recommend trying it for anyone who has issues with their feet.”




“My Heelex treatments I took the end of May and first week of June has really made a difference in my usage of my left shoulder. It is at least 75% more useful than before I took my treatment. As time goes on it seems to improve and I'm looking forward getting treatments on my neck to help relieve my pain. 

I would recommend Heelex to anyone for arthritis pain.”



“My knee is much, much better since Heelex Treatment. Just a slight catch when walking downhill. Such a huge improvement. I am so thankful for your friendly staff and for taking a chance on your treatments. I have my quality of life back!”



“I had a Heelex treatment on my foot about a month ago. I have much better movement and reduced pain. The top of my foot doesn't hurt when I sleep now, and I am able to walk comfortably. I would recommend Heelex to my friends who have foot pain.” 


“I was somewhat skeptical when a friend recommended Heelex for my longtime back pain which extended down my legs!  I had endured a back disc surgery and the pain just got worse!  My thought process was that we were not disturbing anything with an incision so I had a lot to gain and nothing to lose!  That said, I am so glad I had these x-ray treatments on my sciatica because I felt better with each treatment!  It is not 100% but it is 75-80% and I am thankful for that every day!!!”


“My shoulder has been bothering me for years.  I’ve had several cortisone shots which only temporarily provided relief. Then I had a terrible fall. I jarred my shoulder and was unable to brush my hair, reach behind me or pick up things. Heelex was amazing, before my treatments were finished, I had gained most of my mobility back. I would definitely recommend Heelex.”


“I had been suffering for about a year with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.  There were many times I could not walk for the pain I was enduring.  I was referred to Heelex for treatment.  From the time I called and entered the doors for treatment, I was greeted with a smile and everyone was truly respectful and professional.  I was able to dance at my friend’s wedding in Colorado this weekend!!  I am thrilled!”



“When I first came to Heelex, I had no idea what to expect.  Emilie was super friendly and explained the treatment process very well and the insurance part of the process of each Heelex treatment. I had a telehealth visit with Dr. Scarbrough, with Emilie in the room, and I had explained about my Plantar Fasciitis and knee pain. When I left that first appointment, I had confidence that I would be treated, and had a very good chance that my pain would be decreased or eliminated. From my first treatment, all receptionists and technicians were very friendly. The technicians explained my treatments and told me what to expect. My treatments began in April, I had a follow-up visit in June with Emilie.  Here now it's July and I can say my Plantar Fasciitis pain is mostly gone. I have slight knee pain, however, it's a huge improvement over what I had started with and eliminated the need for surgery. I appreciate everything that Emilie, the doctors, and therapist have done to relieve my pain.”


“In February of 2022 I had a hard time walking and was barely able to function due to neuropathy and osteoarthritis in both of my feet. I had numerous appointments with specialists with very little results. We have a condo in the Knoxville area and one day in January of 2022 I saw the Heelex commercial on TV and decided to give it a try. Little did I know how successful the treatments would be. I returned in May and had treatment on both of my feet and two (2) months later I can walk without pain and live a normal lifestyle. Heelex was basically my last option and I am thrilled with the results.” 


“My experience was great with the Heelex treatment. I had good results and avoided foot surgery.”


“With my experience with Heelex, I came in with much intense paid from arthritis and tendonitis. The first session I saw improvement. I am very satisfied with the treatment.” 


“As a 51-year-old father of two young kids, being healthy and active is a huge part of my daily routine. I also work outdoors and have a moderately physical job that requires being on my feet for extended amounts of time. For two years I suffered from pain in my right heel from plantar fasciitis. I tried stretching, orthotic shoe inserts, and many "how to" videos online to relieve the pain. I had varying degrees of success but the slightest overworking on my heel would flare it up again and again. I was forced to quit hiking, kickboxing, and had to really modify my exercise routines to the point I lost a lot of strength in my lower body. I looked into traditional surgeries but was not willing to go under the knife and deal with the pain and recovery time. I was aware of Heelex and after some research decided to give it a shot. I did a series of treatments over a two-week period that were the easiest, pain free, non-invasive procedures I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing at a health care facility. Service is quick, I was in and out in less than 20 minutes for each session and I never had to wait more than five minutes for my appointment, unheard of with any other doctor I see. I was told in the beginning that the healing process takes time and, in the weeks since my foot pain has gradually decreased to the point of being a 1 out of 10 to no pain at all. I am still in the recovery time frame and expect full relief very soon. The biggest test for me is on Friday since I work outdoor events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In the past my foot would be so sore by Friday I would have to take the weekend off to recuperate and the process would repeat every week. I have followed the instructions of the therapists who helped me learn the proper ways to stretch and strengthen my body so I can get back to normal and be pain free. The staff at Heelex is extremely professional, kind, and courteous. I can't say enough about them! Thanks so much for helping me get my life back, I recommend Heelex to anyone who is looking for pain free alternatives to traditional invasive procedures for issues related to their services.”


“Emilie and all the staff at Heelex are amazing. They are really concerned about whatever pain you’re having and willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel better. I had PRP done for my foot and was a little up in the air whether to have it done or not. Then I decided let’s give it a shot. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made for my plantar fasciitis and no more pain in my feet now. I’d highly recommend Heelex the whole staff is great!!!” 


“Heelex is awesome. The staff are friendly and the office is well kept. I really appreciated the quick appointments; I hardly ever had any waiting time.
Treatment application is painless. I did experience soreness in the area of treatment after, but that was expected. I am 2 months out and the inflammation/swelling has gone down tremendously. And pain has decreased - allowing me to be on my feet for longer periods.  I am currently waiting for 6 months to pass to have a 2nd treatment, in hopes my results will be even greater. Treatment at Heelex has allowed me to enjoy long day activities and not regret it the next day. Thanks again you guys!”




“I am really happy with the results so far from the treatments I received for tendonitis in my right elbow.  I finished the therapy about a week ago and already have noticed considerable improvement in the elbow joint and the pain and discomfort is noticeably better. I have a similar problem with my left elbow and, based on these results, plan to have Heelex treat this one as well.  I would recommend this fast and pain free treatment to anyone with similar problems!”


“The HEELZ staff were all very professional and friendly.”

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