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Foot Osteoarthritis

Updated: Mar 22

There are 33 joints in the foot where osteoarthritis can occur. The big toe is the one that

graphic of foot skeleton

is most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. At Heelex, the majority of our patients will have pain along the top of the foot and into the toes.

The joints in your body go through a normal cycle of damage and repair during your lifetime. Sometimes this process can cause joints to change their shape or structure. When these changes happen, it’s called osteoarthritis. The inflammation of osteoarthritis can damage the cartilage located in the joint spaces which can cause pain and swelling in the foot.

Osteoarthritis can affect anyone, but it is most common in patients over the age of 45. The risk of developing arthritis in the foot is linked to being overweight, wearing unsupportive shoes, and a genetic predisposition to the disease.

Pie graph of the response rate to treatment.

Heelex can treat arthritis of the foot in about 6 treatment sessions. The treatments are very dependent on the location of pain according to the patient. We have treated everything from a single toe to the entire foot for osteoarthritis.

So far, we have treated over 1,200 patients and have a 81% response rate!

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