Meet the Team

We are a patient-centric team of several medical professionals. We operate on an out-patient basis and alongside your primary care physician. When you are referred to us, we will consult with you and your referring doctor to determine an appropriate care plan. While our goal is not to take over as your primary care physicians, we do act to elevate your well-being as another vital member of your healthcare team.  


With this low-energy x-ray therapy, we are an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. Our non-invasive approach will not only save you recovery time but also has equivalent or better results when compared to surgery. Our multi-disciplinary team has the knowledge and expertise to improve your overall health. 


Some members of your team may include: 

Podiatrist in Knoxville | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic


A Podiatrist provides treatment for chronic conditions such as arthritis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. At Heelex, our podiatrists are board certified and experts in non-invasive therapeutic treatment of conditions relating to the foot and ankle. We maintain podiatrists on staff to aid in healing and assessments for our ongoing outcome studies for Podiatry related conditions, rather than patient care services. Patients will continue their ongoing care with the referring professionals as needed. 

Doctor in Knoxville | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic

General Practitioner

General practitioners are medical doctors who focus on the general health of patients. Practitioners treat acute and chronic illnesses. They play an important role in successful care for patients while assisting in creating an appropriate patient care plan. We maintain General Practitioners on staff to aid in the healing and assessment of conditions for our ongoing outcome studies. Patients continue their ongoing care with the referring professionals as needed. 

Medical Physicist

The Medical Physicist works directly with the Electro Magnetic Specialist to plan your treatments. They are the technical experts in charge of: safety testing, quality control of the program, wave modeling, and accurate dose delivery.  

Electromagnetic therapist | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic

Radiation Therapist

The Therapists will administer your electromagnetic wave treatments. They work with the low-energy x-ray therapy to ensure the precise dose is delivered to the appropriate area. Therapists maintain daily treatment records and perform quality assurance tests to ensure the treatment machines are working properly. The specialized therapist is registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. 

Doctor in scrubs  | Heelex Knoxville Medical Clinic Electromagnetic wave specialist

Radiation Physician

An electromagnetic specialist is an expert in using electromagnetic waves to treat a collection of conditions. They are responsible for planning your low-energy x-ray therapy treatments. All of our electromagnetic specialists are board certified and have extensive knowledge and training of the safe use of electromagnetic waves.