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Warts and Wart Treatment

Updated: Mar 20

A wart is a benign, rough area that appears on the skin. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV enters a cut or break in the skin and causes an infection which appears as warts. At Heelex, the most common site of warts is on the hands and plantar warts found on the feet.

Sometimes warts can be very stubborn and continuously reappear after treatments. We have seen patients who have tried and failed freezing, laser, acid, and other topical treatments. At Heelex, we target the wart and the surrounding tissue to ensure we are treating all areas that could be infected by the virus. HPV is very sensitive to radiation, so as treatments go along you can see the area affected begin to turn white and die away.

The treatment regimen is a little longer compared to our treatments for osteoarthritis. You will be with us for a little over two weeks and receive a treatment every day. The dose is higher to the warts because unlike the treatment for osteoarthritis where we are just stimulating a response, we do actually want to kill the active virus in that area. Patients will experience some redness and tenderness at the treatment site. In one month's time, the skin will heal and the warts will be either completely gone, or at the very least, reduced in size where we can give a small boost to the area to kill the remaining warts.

Warts treated at Heelex have a 100% response rate!

Heelex Wart Treatment

Before After

Heelex Wart Treatment

Before After

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