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Updated: Mar 27

At Heelex we can treat various forms of inflammation pertaining to the hip area. The two

Hip Pain

main diagnoses we see are bursitis and osteoarthritis. Hip arthritis is caused by normal wear and tear to the joint and is usually related to aging. This wear and tear can lead to cartilage breakdown which causes you pain and inflammation.

There aren’t very many conservation treatment options for degeneration of the hip. We've treated patients who have tried injections, physical therapy, and moderation of activity with no long-term success. We want hip replacement surgery to be a patient's absolute last option.

While Heelex can’t reverse the cartilage lost in the hip joint, we can relieve the pain caused by the inflammation. Each treatment is customized to the patient and really depends on where you feel the most pain or discomfort. Sometimes that pain is on the front aspect of the hip in the groin area, but it can radiate to the side and the back part of the hip. Our regime for hip, whether it is osteoarthritis or bursitis, is six treatment visits. The best part is the treatments are completely painless and take less than 5 minutes!

Hips respond extremely well to x-ray therapy–so well that it even surprised us a little bit!

We have treated about 205 hips at Heelex and have a response rate of 94%!

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