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Plantar Fasciitis

Updated: Mar 22

Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is the most common diagnosis treated at Heelex. While this painful condition is very common among people, there’s not very many options for treatment. PF occurs from overuse and an abundance of inflammation along the bottom of the foot. This pain can feel like a stone bruise in the heel, tight arches, and all around soreness along the bottom of the foot.

Majority of our patients have tried steroid shots, minimizing activity, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy before being told the only option left is surgery.

Enter Heelex– the perfect option for those wanting to avoid surgery!

Heelex offers another conservative treatment option for plantar fasciitis. Our low-energy photons produce a healing response in your fascia. We calculate our plan so that we are targeting the depth of your arch and treating the entire length of your plantar fascia.

We see a lot of active age groups who don’t want to take the time off from exercise that surgery requires. At Heelex, we typically want to treat PF with eight visits, and we do ask that patients take it easy while on treatment. Typically, a month after completing the regime our patients can slowly incorporate their normal exercise routine with no pain!

So far we have treated around 1500 patients with plantar fasciitis, and we have a 80% response rate.

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